Designed with the developmental needs of children ages 7 and up in mind.

Our Karate for Kids program is specifically designed by educators and nationally ranked chief instructors to benefit your growing child. We know you are looking for ways to help your child become confident, believe in themselves, and learn self-management. Many children of this age tend to feel self-conscious.

PMAC is a positive learning environment where we build children’s self-esteem and help them develop socialization skills, positive self-esteem, and belief in themselves. We teach students to become successful leaders, to become more confident, positive, and to respect and listen to those around them. In the age of sensory overload, martial arts will provide your child with immediate results, which will reflect positively on their academic work. All of these skills are what prevents our students from being bullied at school. We teach all of this while keep students moving, physically fit, and learning the martial art of Taekwondo in our 45 minute classes.

Benefits include improved:

  • Self Control and Discipline
  • Respect and Courtesy
  • Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Recognition and Memory Skills
  • Attention Span

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